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Thank you for choosing Uptown Lash & Body!

Please take a moment to review our FAQ and policies about our beauty salon, lash extensions and microblading. 

Return Policy

All services are non-refundable. Lash extension services may receive complementary correction up to 48 hours after initial application. After the 48 hour time frame, the cost of the appropriate fill in will be incurred. Absolutely no refunds will be granted. Merchandise purchased online or in studio may be returned for credit only.

Cancellations and No Shows

It is our great pleasure to serve you! Please arrive promptly for your appointment time. You may cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours prior to your arrival. Notify us by: phone/text:(706) 575-4291, or email:, of a cancellation or rescheduled service. We uphold a 100% late cancellation and no show policy. If your method of payment declines, an invoice will be emailed and you will not be able to book again until it is paid. Any service cancelled or no showed valued at $50 or less will be charged $50 for late cancellations and no shows.  “COVID” cancellations will require proof of positive test results within 24hours of the cancelled appointment date and time. We understand unforeseen circumstances occur, however, as we honor your time, we ask that you adhere to our 24 hour policy. There will be no exceptions.

  • Do lash extensions hurt?
    Not at all! Lash extensions are the ULTIMATE effortless accessory. Your Lash Artist is professionally educated to ensure a painless service each and every time.
  • Can I get my lashes wet?
    Yes, please! The cleaner you keep your lashes, the longer they last. Remember to arrive to your lash service without any makeup or mascara on. Your Lash Artist will charge an additional $10 Lash Bath to remove make up. To keep your lashes clean and residue free, purchase one of our after care kits.
  • How long do lashes last?
    Each individual grows and sheds natural eyelashes at a variable rate. Depending on the density of your natural lash line and the set that you choose, a full set can last up to 4 weeks before requiring a fill in.
  • I heard dermaplanning is painful, is that true?"
    There is absolutely no pain associated with any of the custom facial services at Uptown Lash & Body. Dermaplanning is a great way to get professional deep exfoliation of the skin with no down time compared to chemical peels.
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